f. Delete

To un-install Spack (and all modules) from the cluster, simply remove the /shared/spack-0.15 directory:

sudo su
rm -rf $SPACK_ROOT
rm -rf /etc/profile.d/spack.sh

Delete the Cluster

To delete all the infrastructure, navigate to AWS CloudFormation, Select the [Yourname]-Spack-Tutorial stack and click Delete. Repeat for the hpc-cluster stack. Note you do not have to delete the aws-cloud9-* stack or any substacks.

delete no-tears-cluster

Delete the S3 Bucket

Go to S3 Console and delete the S3 Buckets aws-hpc-quickstart-cloudtraillogs... and aws-hpc-quickstart-datarepository.... To do so, you’ll first have delete the contents of that bucket, then delete the bucket.

delete S3 Bucket