a. Workshop Initial Setup

Step 1

To get started click “Launch Stack” in your region of choice (for the tutorial you must use us-east-1):

Region Stack
us-east-1 (N. Virginia) Tutorial Region Launch Stack

Step 2

In Account Setup we authenticated with the AWS Console. If you are running this tutorial on your own (not in an AWS run event), you’ll be prompted to login to the AWS Management Console at this point.

Step 3

On the next page you’ll be presented with a bunch of parameters, most of which we’ll leave as default. Change the following parameters:

  1. Change the name of the stack from [Yourname]-Spack-Cluster to i.e. Sean-Spack-Cluster
  2. Fill out the UserPasswordParameter with a temporary password. Keep it simple! You will be prompted to change it on first use.
  3. Select I acknowledge that AWS Cloudformation might create IAM resources.
  4. Now, click Create Stack to deploy the QuickStart Environment.

CloudFormation Create Stack


Deployment takes about 15 minutes. This QuickStart provisions:

  • A Cloud9 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in the selected region;
  • an AWS Parallel Cluster environment, named hpc-cluster

Go get a cup of ☕️ while waiting for the stacks to complete.

Provisioning is complete when all Stacks show CREATE_COMPLETE.


Access Cluster

When all stacks show CREATE_COMPLETE, click on the Outputs tab of the [Yourname]-Spack-Cluster stack.

Click on the ResearchWorkspaceURL to go directly to the Cloud9 Instance that was created.

CloudFormation Outputs Tab