c. Initial Setup

Step 1

First login to the AWS Console using the steps given in Account Setup. If you are running this tutorial on your own (not in an AWS run event), you’ll need to login to the AWS Management Console at this point.

Step 2

First we’re taken to the AWS Console homepage. For the sake of this tutorial we’re using the N. Virginia (us-east-1) region. Confirm that aligns with the region shown in the upper right hand corner.

AWS Console

Step 3

Next navigate to the Cloud9 Console by searching for Cloud9 in the search bar, or choose Services, then Cloud9.

Cloud9 Navigate

💡Pro Tip: Pin Cloud9 (Click to expand)

Step 4: Create Cloud9 IDE

  1. Choose Create Environment
  2. Name your environment [Yourname]-Spack-Tutorial and choose Next Step. Cloud 9
  3. On the Configure Settings page, change
  • Instance Type to m5.large
  • Platform to Ubuntu 18.04 Cloud 9
  1. Choose Next Step.
  2. Choose Create Environment.

Your AWS Cloud9 instance will be ready in a few minutes!

Now is a perfect time to grab a cup of ☕️

Cloud9 Create

🕷 Bug: If you see the error: Failed to create environments: ... (Click to expand)