a. Account Setup

This step only applies if you’re participating in an AWS run event. If not skip to Cluster Setup and login to the AWS Console using your credentials.

Step 1

Check your email for a unique hash code, like ef90b8d904f1-not-real-code. Make note of that code. If you did not receive a hash code, but believe you should have, email seaam@amazon.com and ebbollig@amazon.com

Step 2

Visit https://dashboard.eventengine.run and enter the unique hash code, accept the terms and login.

Event Engine Login

Step 3

Click “AWS Console Login”, then on the following popup click on the link “Open AWS Console”.

Event Engine AWS Console

Step 4

If you get logged out, just visit https://dashboard.eventengine.run and follow the above steps again. Account are only accessible for the duration of the event. To continue using AWS after the event, create an AWS Account.